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Reading and Booksigning
Thursday, January 17

Thursday, January 17, 6pm
Reading and Booksigning
: A Choreographic Mind: Autobodygraphical Writings
at University of the Arts, 1401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

From the New York Times, December 30, 2012, by Claudia LaRocco:
"LOTS of silly stereotypes about dance somehow manage to persist. Here’s one: The artists in this field are nonverbal creatures, best able to communicate through the body. One half of this is true. Dance can say an awful lot without words. But many performers and choreographers are also terrific wordsmiths, paying the same attention to texture, rhythm and pacing on the page as they do on the stage. Several books published this year prove just this, including “A Choreographic Mind: Autobiographical Writings,” by SUSAN RETHORST (Contact Editions), and “Dancer Out of Sight,” the collected writings of DOUGLAS DUNN (Ink Inc.).

This month in his SoHo loft Mr. Dunn held a book party. The evening featured several excerpts from his urbane, finely wrought dances. It was so clear to see the connection between his movement language and the various essays, interviews, poems and other writings in “Dancer Out of Sight.” “A Choreographic Mind” also richly illustrates these parallels, reminding that sentences live in time and space just as steps do. “It acts on you,” Ms. Rethorst writes. “You act on it.” She is talking about dance, but she is also offering music to a reader’s ears.

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