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Day of Dance at Bryn Mawr
Saturday, February 23

Rethorst's choreographic approach includes ideas such as "collaboration with circumstance" influenced, in part, by John Cage's explorations of chance and circumstance and the teachings of choreographer Judith Dunn. As part of a multi-week presentation of Rethorst's work, Bryn Mawr College has invited Danspace Project's Judy Hussie-Taylor to curate additional events including two dance/film installations (titles here) and one performative lecture to take place before and between Rethorst performances on February 23. The performative lecture is Cage's "How to Get Started," a structured improvisation conceived by Cage and performed by him once in 1989. In his original presentation Cage addressed the "creative process, and improvisation, a subject about which he had long been deeply ambivalent," according to Slought Foundation's director Aaron Levy.  "This amounted to an experiment having to do with thinking in public before a live audience." In considering Rethorst's thinking around choreographic and poetic minds (her recent book "A Choreographic Mind" was named "Best of 2012" by the New Yorker magazine) Hussie-Taylor has invited four artists to think in public before a live audience for a unique iteration of Cage's piece. Presenting will be two "choreographic minds", Elizabeth Streb and Douglas Dunn, and two "poetic minds" Anne Waldman and Claudia La Rocco, who will each engage with Cage's instructions. How To Get Started is a permanent installation created and presented in collaboration with the Slought Foundation in partnership with the John Cage Trust. Rethorst’s dance/film installations can be viewed from 4 pm - 7 pm between performances of 208 East Broadway and Behold Bold Sam Dog.
Day of Dance  February 23
12:30 - 2 pm, How to Get Started   Elizabeth Streb and Claudia La Rocco, Hepburn Teaching Theater
3 pm, 208 East Broadway Part 5 (premiere), McPherson Auditorium Stage
4 - 7 pm, dance/film installations   by Susan Rethorst, McPherson Auditorium
2-3pm, 4 – 8 pm Exhibition, Glass lobby
5 - 6:30 pm How to Get Started   Anne Waldman and Douglas Dunn, Hepburn Teaching Theater
5:45 – 7:45 Dinner, Common Room
8pm Behold Bold Sam Dog, Hepburn Teaching Theater
9pm Philly Performance Club   led by New York Times contributing dance writer Claudia La Rocco, Common Room

Tickets and information 610-526-5210 or brynmawr.edu/arts/series.html.  A limited number of Day of Dance Tickets include 2 performances and Dinner - $45. To order with a credit card please call 610-526-5210.

Rethorst’s dance/film installations UM Piece and Church/Door/Board Piece and Dawn Clement’s 208/Church drawing were first exhibited as part of Danspace Project’s PLATFORM 2011: Susan Rethorst Retro(intro)spective, curated by Melinda Ring, artistic director Judy Hussie-Taylor.


How To Get Started is an installation created and presented in collaboration with the Slought Foundation in partnership with the John Cage Trust. The permanent installation was organized by Laura Kuhn, Director of the John Cage Trust, Aaron Levy, Executive Director of Slought Foundation, and Arthur J. Sabatini, professor of Performance Studies at Arizona State University. Exhibition design by Ken Saylor, sound design by Peter Price, and exhibition graphics by Project Projects. Engineering of John Cage's recording by Chris Andersen, Nevessa Production http://slought.org/content/11456/


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