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Lisa Kraus is Coordinator of the Performing Arts Series at Bryn Mawr College and Editor of thINKingDANCE.

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Snapshots of Susan

Forty-some years after seeing Susan Rethorst dance for the first time, we share a city again. Here are snapshots from along the way.

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Bill T. Jones & Susan Rethorst: A Conversation in Five Parts

By Lisa Kraus, August 14, 2013
Here is The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage's introduction to a series of five videos available on its site:

"Recently, two seminal figures of the New York downtown dance world—Bill T. Jones and Susan Rethorst—sat down with Lois Welk, director of Dance/USA Philadelphia, to talk about their distinct practices and the evolution of the field. Though they share a birth year (both were 61 at the time of the interview), the dancer-choreographers represent two archetypal models or attitudes for how to live as an artist in society.

In the full 44-minute interview, Jones and Rethorst discuss the meaning of the word “practice,” how they think about their audiences, the nature of collaboration, and how they view—with great trepidation—the future of dance."

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