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Gabrielle is a dancer/dance-maker. She has appeared in dances by Christopher Williams, Leah Stein, Jumatatu Poe, Jeanne Ruddy, Sean Feldman, Willi Dorner, Katsura Kan, Lisa Kraus, Suzanne Linke, Mark Dendy, Jane Comfort, and Robert Battle among others. Currently, she is a LAB Fellow with the Live Arts Festival and is working with Nicole Bindler on “The Dance Apocalypse”, the sequel to the AWARD Show sensation “I made this for you”. Her work has been presented in Philadelphia, D.C., New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and The Netherlands. More at


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Video: Behold Bold Sam Dog at a party

Video: Behold Bold Sam Dog at a party

Gabrielle Revlock, one of the dancers in Susan Rethorst's Philadelphia premiere of Behold Bold Sam Dog, practices a section of the dance at a party in Brooklyn.

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Behold Bold Sam Dog Stats

By Gabrielle Revlock, February 12, 2013
Number of rehearsals with all dancers present: 1
Initial guiding question for the dance: If I start a dance with a big END of a piece of music, what would fall into the quiet left by that?
Length of dance: 49 minutes
Length of time it took to make the dance: 4-5 days/week, 3-ish hours a day from mid-October to the 3rd week of January, with breaks and time off for Christmas.
Premiere: 2002
Number of people to-date who have seen the dance live: 800-1,000
Age range of dancers: 31-49
Percentage of dancers who are Caucasian: 83.33
Height of dancers: 5'4" - 5' 8"
Dancer replacing Vicky Shick: Heather Olsen
Person Susan could never imagine performing in the dance: Her mom
Length of time it took Eun Jung to learn the dance from video: 3 hours
Length of time it took Meg and Gabi to learn the dance from video: 9 hours
First feedback from Susan: "Do it like you're marking."
Are there jokes in the piece? Yes
Are the jokes delivered verbally? No
Verbal explanation for a section of movement performed by Bronwen, Meg, and Heather: Shoulder, shoulder, shoulders, hmm, shoulders, hmm.
New addition to costumes: Pockets
Most surprising moment: Bronwen's cartwheel
Number of dancers who were gymnasts in their early years : At least 2
One word summary of the dance: guh

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