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"Thinking Together" with No Angst

Post | By Leah Stein | December 31, 2012

So often dance artists are required to articulate what our dances mean, what it will look like, what all the parts are well before the dance making has even begun. It was a real gift to spend a week with a group of inspiring dance artists to make and share and make and share and make and share and make and share...a week of ‘thinking together.’

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Meaning Reveals Itself (Through the Dance)

Post | By Nicole Bindler | December 31, 2012

Susan says choreography at its best is a window into someone's mind. There’s no escape from the self, so there’s no point in trying to assert the self or erase the self in one’s work.

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Making Is Thinking

Post | By Mason Rosenthal | December 14, 2012

A window into the Choreographic Workshop where  "we make dances for our own bodies and for other bodies...small pieces of movement, translate them into hieroglyphs  and experiment with different arrangements."

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