Nicole Bindler

Nicole Bindler is an internationally touring choreographer and improviser. She has a particular interest in the relationship of movement and sound and has collaborated with dozens of experimental musicians and composers. She holds a degree in Dance and Poetry from Hampshire College and is currently studying at the School for Body-Mind Centering.


Megan Bridge


Megan Bridge is a dancer, choreographer, curator, and dance writer based in Philadelphia. She currently co-directs fidget, a platform for her collaborative work with Peter Price. She works and lives in a warehouse space in Kensington (thefidget space) with her husband two kids.


Anna Drozdowski

Anna curates spectacles through thirdbird, fills the Neighborhood House with performers, and facilitates for Artists U.  She is a fellow of the Fulbright, NEA Arts Journalism and DAAD Programs, among others, and holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU.  Her preference, when possible, is the pony express.


Christina Gesualdi

Christina Gesualdi is a Philly-based dance artist who makes experiential work that researches an imaginative off-ness in the body.  Christina does administrative work for Mascher, , and Susan Rethorst/Moving in Philadelphia 2013, and writes for thINKingDANCE.  From the dreamy conceptual stuff, to the nitty gritty fine-tuning, she loves working in a community where BIG IDEAS are proposed, absorbed, and articulated.   


Gregory Holt

Gregory Holt is a Philadelphia choreographer, improvisor, and performer. He studied Linguistics and Dance at Swarthmore College, and Movement Research and Performance at the Institute for Dance Art in Linz, Austria, where he teaches dance theory and research methods. He was a 2011 Live Arts Brewery Fellow through the Philadelphia Live Arts


Lisa Kraus

Lisa Kraus is Coordinator of the Performing Arts Series at Bryn Mawr College and Editor of thINKingDANCE.


Claudia La Rocco

Claudia La Rocco founded, which won a 2011 Creative Capitol/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. A contributor to the New York Times and, she teaches at the School of Visual Arts’ graduate program in Art Criticism and Writing and is a member of the Off The Park poetry press.